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I started teaching karate in 1989, when I got my black belt. I have been certified since 2007 by NASM: National Academy of Science, and I added a PES certification in performance enhancement for athletes to upgrade their skills. I am also certified with APEX for supplements and with 24 hour fitness methodologies for training and nutrition and supplements from apex. I have practiced yoga since 1996. I am not certified for yoga, but I use those poses in training my clients as well as karate if it is appropriate for their goals. I am very comfortable with teaching flexibility and breathing exercises as well to help you maximize your range of motion and your oxygen capacity. Breathing properly also helps you relax and perform better during sports and any exercise activity.

I have helped clients get leaner and reduce their body fat percentage. I have also worked with clients who wanted to gain mass and strength and increase their size. I have had grandparents who just wanted to be active and strong again so they could play with their new grandkids. I also have helped martial artist prepare for tournaments. I have helped younger athletes for softball, and football, and basketball. I am currently working on a ihoops certification for working with under 19 year old basketball players. I participated in the palm springs coaching clinic 2 years ago at the renaissance hotel: and was able to learn from NCAA, NBA, and Olympic Coaches and Athletes for Softball, Baseball, and Basketball. I still have my notes and videos from those sessions and got some great tips on working with Athletes in those sports. In high school I was a varsity member of the CIF championship wrestling team at Damien High. I still play sports with friends and have competed in leagues for basketball, softball, indoor soccer, and I also enjoy playing paintball with my buddies.

I plan on hiring more trainers as we continue to grow in size and members.