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Sports Performance and Fitness Training
I am certified with NASM for PES (performance enhancement for athletics), I also have a black belt with red dragon karate. I have worked independently as a trainer, and also worked at 24 hour fitness in the past as a personal trainer and fitness counselor in their gyms. I can help you with sports performance, as well as with getting leaner and just getting healthier. I also teach stretching and use many yoga poses with clients when appropriate for their goals.
Nutrition Tips
Nutrition is a huge component of attaining improvement in body fat percentage, as well as strength, endurance, speed, recovery from athletics, and changing of body sizes.
We are different than many trainers, because we are willing to train you wherever you feel comfortable. We have trained clients at the gym, in the dojo, at their residence, at the office during lunchbreaks or after work, at the local parks, or we can even look for local gyms to use and see if they will allow us to pay a small fee for the day to use their gym. I know some gym owners that can do that for and my clients depending on where you live. We do own equipment that we can bring to you, and we can use any equipment that you already have at your home and teach you how to maximize those items.