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Your body is a temple of the holy spirit

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1 Corinthians 6:19-20 Do you not realize your body is a temple of the holy spirit, who is in you and you received from god? You are not your own property, then; you have been bought at a price. So use your body for the glory of God

Our coaching is available for one-on-one personal training and small group training. We can go to your home, or office, the park, or the gym. I know many of my clients prefer the convenience of having trainers that can meet them in other locations. Plus many big box gyms can be overcrowded and intimdating when you first start your fitness journey. We want to empower you to create the the physical body, and confidence so that you have the strength and endurance to do all the work and services that God is calling you to do on Earth.

We will help you bust throught that plateua: Keep evolving your exercise regimen, if you do the same thing for more than 3 months, your body will stop needing to be stronger, faster and leaner and you will hit a wall. We can keep it fresh.

We can also help with self-defense, or martial arts katas with and without weapons if your an actor about to audition for an action movie or stunt role. I can also refer you to very respected studios in your area.